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CNC Transformation Based on Hand-operated Lathe
CNC Transformation Based on Hand-operated Lathe
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  We developed WH200T system. The sub-panel of our digital control system is highly integrated; it can help you reduce a lot of follow-on processes, and quality guarantee upon your need at anytime within one year for free to save your cost and profit. Our system has successfully used in more than 30 factories. We have a skillful team who won a good reputation among all the customers.
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  Advantages of WH200T:
  1. 7 Inch color LCD display
  2. Differential input/output signals with better reliability and better anti-Interference capability, adaptive to various environments.
  3. Set the expending space for the design of software and hardware.
  4. Support strongly M type function. Define the way of outputs by modifying parameters.
  5. Graded management with more safe and scientific.
  6. Highly integrated panel
  7. Support Two Axis Servo Motor Control
  8. Saving function if power failure, password protect, and screen saver.
  9. Front facing USB ports for data transmission by using flash memory.
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