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  Puyue Group was established in 2007, which is engaged in R&D, production and trade. Holding business belief of "Quality is foundation, technology innovation followed, being honest and credible, so as to bring our futures together".After 8 years of fast growing,Puyue now has developed into Shenyang Puyue Enterprise Co.,Ltd. and has established prodution base in Shenyang,Dalian and Tianjin.

  Puyue Group is engaged in following business activities: Design and manufacture of valve and valve parts, pattern and tooling, CNC Lathe, as well as CNC transformation based on hand-operated lathe. Puyue Group owns advanced processing equipments, like CNC, horizontal boring machine, CNC milling machine, WEDM, EDM. Meanwhile, Puyue possesses detection equipments, like CMM, spectrometer, high-speed carbon and sulfur analyzer. And we also have a series of advanced casting processing technology, including die casting, investment casting, sand casting, shell moulding casting.Production of cobalt-based alloy,tungsten-based alloy,Nickel base alloy castings.With the great dedication to scientific research, popularization and applications of the new technologies, as well as strictly controlling of the quality, we are honored to be one of the excellent vendors of EBRO, AVK, SINGER and a number of well-known international valve manufacturing companies. In the field of CNC machining tool, We have saved a lot of cost for many domestic companies by CNC transformation based on hand-operated lathes, and improved the production efficiency.

  Puyue Group has passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System authentication in 2008, and we adopt international standards(EN,ISO,JIS,GB) as well as advanced production process. Our products exported to more than 10 countries all over the world, especially to European and North American countries, which won us a good reputation among all the customers.

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